In these eleven sublime slices of life, Lesley Trites introduces characters who embrace radical honesty, question what qualifies as love, and wonder if they’ll ever feel what they’re meant to feel. A Three-Tiered Pastel Dream is a real treat. Dig in.
— Neil Smith, author of Boo
There’s been a buzz around the work of Lesley Trites for some time now...
— Montreal Gazette

A career-focused woman finds her life taken off course by an unexpected pregnancy and its challenging aftermath; a troubled doctor abandons her family on her daughter’s birthday, the three-tiered pastel layer cake in the passenger seat beside her; a young mother must contend with how to explain her husband’s suicide to their child. In her first story collection, Lesley Trites digs bravely into the dilemmas faced by contemporary women who must be everything to everyone, as they navigate the triangle of responsibilities between motherhood, work, and love.

Written with keen insight and deep affection, Lesley Trites’s A Three-Tiered Pastel Dream unearths pearls of wisdom from the secret lives of women who could easily live next door, drop off their kids at the same school, or work in the next cubicle.

Available May 2017. Check your local bookstore or order through Véhicule Press, Chapters, or Amazon