Developmental Editing & Manuscript Consultation

Have a fiction, non-fiction, or technical manuscript in need of some love and attention? Or, have an idea but stuck on how to get started?

If you're at the start of a project, developmental editing can help. As a developmental editor, I help writers develop their ideas, create a plan and a timeline, and stick to that plan. Once you have a draft or part of a draft, structural editing can help improve the organization of your content and ideas.

If you're at the end of a manuscript and need help with revision, try a manuscript consultation. Depending on your needs, I can provide a high-level response, structural editing, or a detailed line edit. I welcome everything from article to book-length work.

I specialize in fiction, general non-fiction, and technical manuscripts. I've written everything from literary fiction to the user manual for a machine that inspects the fill level of beer bottles, and have edited everything from book reviews to books like Building the Web of Things and Front-End Tooling.

For more information, contact me at lesley.trites at We can set up a one-time consultation or on-going coaching.